Remember this Alien/Goblin/Creature in Cave photo?

This picture was used for a super long and involved creepypasta about a guy who went caving and found a tiny opening in the wall deep underground, which he spent many days enlarging so he could crawl through it. On the other side after a long empty high-ceiling pathway, he claimed to find a circular stone door but felt very strange, as if he were being watched from above. The story ends off after he said he would make another trip in there with lights to see what was behind the stone door.

The image circulated first in the middle of the 1990s in England, with a slightly different story. “John”, 33 years old, was said to have visited Saudi Arabia, and there he heard friends speak about a picture taken at the caves of the area. The alleged photographer didn’t die: he just thought he had seen something and shot the picture, noticing the strange creature in detail only after the picture was developed. The locals referred to the creature as a “Djinn”, a type of demon.

When he returned to England, “John” tried to sell the copy that he got. But with the publication of the image in the Bornemouth Advertiser, the “djinn” was soon identified as a sculpture. And not even an Arab sculpture, but part of the attractions of a theme park in the Cheddar caves, in Somerset, UK! Yes, the same caves from where the fungus that gives name to the popular cheese came.

Unfortunately the sculpture has been re-painted and looks rather more plastic looking, as seen above.




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