Show 23 – Richard Thompson – UFO Encounters – MARDUK MERLIN CABAL NWO

Richard Thompson. Ufologist/Occultist

Born 26may/1954. Worked at whitbreads brewery for ten years. Technician

Worked at Kings lynn post-office and Peterborough post office for ten-years.

Worked as security/postal-group for RNR ten years.

Worked for Wards brewery sheffield as Lincoln Brewery Engineer.

Worked in various other capacitys.

Well travelled, single, trying for publication of second Novel. ( Occult Adventure and Grimoire). Experienced countless Paranormal/Supernatural phenomena. Encountered over the years Four different geometric type ET Craft. IE, Oval/Pyramidical/Triangular/Cage-shaped.

First psychic encounter as a six year old staying in haunted property. A Ghost clearly seen descending horizontally down through the ceiling. Not frightened but intrigued! Encounters inside craft with venusians? Whom were travelling to Venus at around 19years of age. They were not aware of my prescence but I clearly saw them, their graceful female forms and also the large green-crystal in the centre which was used in propulsion power. Its lowering into a magnetic-housing caused a change in dimensional-speed.

At seventeen experimented with Kundalini-practice ( the awakening of the fire-snake within ) and after a period of time was successful in opening the Third-eye.

Had various encounters on other planets through to 28. ( Altered dream states). At 28 encountered Entity, ” face on ” whom was possessing my then witch girlfriend. It was trying to obtain my Soul!

Have in a altered dream-state ( that is when my cerebral-conciousness leaves the body and travels). Visited the tunnels beneath Cheops pyramid. And after using the correct coded symbols opened a doorway some 250ft below the sands. There then in front of me was a vast UFO. Infinite black as though the hull skin moved like shifting-sands. Some sixty ft high and perhaps eighty feet across.

Have in altered dream-state travelled through rock through the earths crust, led by MERLIN to Morganas abode! And thence from there taken back through rock to Arthur-pendragons Camelot.

All Above very condensed!

Have encountered also in 1992, 18th December, 2345, less than eighty feet away, A oval craft which I watched quite clearly “create” a Spacial-doorway or timegate, which it then passed through. ( Full account on video talk).

In 1994 watched a triangular plastic looking craft or probe travelling horizontally quite low in a warm september afternoon.

In May 1983, Encountered some twenty-feet away a Pyramidical-craft, which had blue-strobe type beams running from its apex to the four base sides. In the centre an orange sphere pulsated. This was around 0930am going through little paxton Cambs. In the afternoon two fighter jets were dispatched from RAF Mildenhall to make a report on this craft and one other. This incident heightened my psychic abilities considerably.

In Sept 1983, between Wisbech cambs and Kings lynn encountered a CAGE Shaped object settled on a nearby farmers field. This report and those above are fully explained on my uploaded videos on the Web over the years. Please remember these reports are ” very” condensed on this short Bio.

In 1997 whilst serving in the Falklands encountered a number of strange paranormal events. Including a radio which woke me up whilst I was on guard duty in MPA Complex. A radio which was playing without being plugged in or using batteries, no batterys! A bright halo of light which hovered in the darkness in the early morning. And a confrontation with what occultists call Choronzon! The being whom guards the gate between universe A , (Ours) and universe B.

And of course I have had many other Supernatural/paranormal experiences, including a midnight trip to a SABBAT! NDE in Albania after drowning. Encountering Fairies/Entities/Knights templar and flying-nun! Whilst on holiday in IONA Scotland in 2012 and 2014. All These encounters also uploaded on web.

My first novel published in 2003, entitled the “Elder-Tapes” is free to download on or any other kindle service. My second novel, which is FAR Superior, I am awaiting to find a publisher. Needless to say Leah, I am quite rare, and have to live in two-worlds. This Earthly Reality and the other-realities which forever invade my life!

Kind regards Richard



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