Show 19 – Chris Evers – Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2017

Chris Evers

Chris’ as long held an interest in the UFO and Paranormal.
His interest began way back in 1974, while out playing as a 14 year old, he noticed a series of unusual lights moving across the early evening sky, over his home town of Kingston upon Hull.

This sparked an interest, and he eagerly read the available books on the subject. Mainly titles from authors and investigators such as American, Major Donald Keyhoe, titles such as Flying Saucers Are Real or Flying Saucers have Landed. Also books written by Arthur Shuttlewood, namely the Warminster Mystery and The Flying Saucers.

Chris continued to have an avid interest in the subject over the years.
Eventually he decided to produce his own desktop publication known as Faster Than Light, a magazine aimed at spreading the news about global ufo sightings… This was subscribed to from diverse areas of the world, such Australia, Japan, many areas of the USA and of course the UK.

Chris was the founding father of HUFOS (Hull UFO Society), where he was the chairman for a number of years before stepping down and moving on for personal reasons.
Also during the 1990’s Chris became a investigator for Quest Intenational under the leadership of former Policeman Tony Dodd.
Chris also worked alongside noted ufologist Gary Anthony, and they jointly produced another desktop pblication known as EYE Magazine (East Yorkshire Encounters).

During this time period Chris forged friendships and aquantancise, with Tony Dodd, Gary Antony, Phillip Mantle, Graham W. Birdsall and Russ Callaghan (both of UFO Magazine UK) and also ohers such as Nick Pope. The latter two contribute to the new Outer Limits publication.
Chris continues to have an avid interest in the subject and because of this both he and Malcolm have decided to work together on The Outer Limits Magazine.

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